Game: “Psycho2”



Released On: July 5, 2009

Development Time: 6 months

Genre: Puzzle/Platform

Info: A very strange and very random puzzle-platform game. Features over 15 levels, a level editor with a very robust set of features, fun bonus modes, a cool boss stage, and much more! The game is bigger and better than the first Psycho in every way, including much longer gameplay length and improved graphics.

Download: – 15.1 mb

Update Notices: July 27, 2009: Fixed a loading bug that only affected certain countries.


“Very cute. had a good time with it.” – Kayin (on Game Jolt, designer of the very popular game “I Wanna Be the Guy”)

“Nice game. Had a lot of good puzzles in it (my favorite being “This Hurts”; that was ingenious), with a style I’ve seen lacking in a lot of psycho-platformers.” – Snail (on Game Jolt)

“Very interesting: enjoyable idea, spot on execution.” – bicilotti (on Game Jolt)

“Great game, I enjoyed the original experience. The game has a nice length – perfect for its targeted style. The graphics have also improved since the first game.” – Andy (on YoYo Games)


Game: “”



Released On: June 20, 2009

Development Time: Less than a day

Genre: Platform

Info: Short, surreal platformer about a little robot. Features 20 levels and some retraversal elements at the end. Moderately difficult. Uses Matt Thorson’s “Grandma Engine” for the movement. Made at the very last minute for the Game Jolt “Shocking” contest. The game also participated in a GMC Cage Match and won the first round. I was interviewed by the GMInterviews website (which is no longer online) about the game.

Download: – 4.7 mb

Update Notices: July 27, 2009: Fixed several get-stuck-in-a-wall bugs, made one particularly hard level easier, and fixed a loading error (that only appeared in certain countries).


“The wall outlet idea was good, and boy, some parts were pretty darn tricky! Keep up the good work.” – KniteBlargh (on Game Jolt)

“The gameplay is top-notch and very fun, while the music is fun and fast-paced.” – Obilink (on the GMC)

“I really enjoyed the required quick gameplay and platform dynamics, I had a little dificulty finishing it, but it is a very well built game.” – Squirmonkey (on the GMC)

Game: “Suntime Mirage”



Released In: March 2009

Development Time: Less than a day

Genre: Music Visualizer

Info: An interactive music visualizer – you load in your favorite music and then create an awesome-looking visual interpretation by using simple effects. (More info + controls found in the Readme.)

Download: – 1.2 mb


“It’s fun…and trippy” – SumYungGai (on Game Jolt)

“Nice to look at” – GratedTopping (on YoYo Games)

Game: “Flip the Bear”

flip blog

Released In: June 2008

Development Time: 2 months (plus a few later updates)

Genre: Puzzle/Platform

Info: You play as Flip, a cute bear with the power to turn gravity upside down! Use that ability to explore 17 puzzling levels, each introducing a new gameplay element. After you beat the game you will unlock a Level Maker in which you can create, play, and share your own levels!

Download: – 5.6 mb

Special Note: For all Flip the Bear veterans: Your savedata from versions 1 or 1.5 (from 2008) will not load in this version, so you might want to keep your old game instead. Sorry about that…


“Although the gravity switching concept has been used many times, you had several creative ideas here…. Nice job.” – IceMetalPunk (on the GMC)

“….this game is amazing overall.” – Bikuta (on the GMC)

Game: “Psycho”


Released in: Nov. 2008

Development Time: 2 weeks (plus minor updates later on)

Genre: Puzzle/Platform

Info: “Psycho” is a puzzle-platformer that will mess with your mind. 10 levels, a boss level, hidden endings (and beginnings), and more! Just remember, nothing is as it seems…

Download: – 5.2 mb


“….There are twists and turns in here that I think threw everyone for a loop….while at the same time it’s deceptively approachable….I also found it pleasantly devoid of [cruelly difficult] tactics, though this game too, is a thinker at heart. At first glance it may appear as Karoshi Lite, but story defines uniqueness in games today, not gameplay — and I was charmed by the many elements that were incorporated, giving it a life of it’s own…You heard him boys, ditch your ‘big’ games and MAKE something!    VERDICT: 7.5/10 (all-time) ” – thelastdefender (on the GMC)

“This was a very fun game. I must admit Spydog, I doubted this. I would have never guessed the game would be as much fun as it was. (And it was very fun.) Keep up the good work!” – Andy (on the GMC)

Spydog = Me = Who?

Hello everyone! Before anything else, I wanted to tell you a little bit about who I am.

I am a teenage indie game designer (and author) from the USA. I have been homeschooled all of my life in a good Christian home. I really believe that God has blessed me with a creative mind and I hope that shines through in my work.

So far I have made 15 full games. I’m planning to make a lot more, though!

Every game that I’ve made so far was designed with the Game Maker software. I’ve been working with it since late 2005 and I completed my first full game (“Snackman”) in April 2006. Over the years, I’ve learned several tricks of the trade so my newer products are a lot better!

Well, that concludes my introduction. I hope you keep reading my blog. I’ll update it with game news, game design tips, and occasionally just some random musings. Hope you like it!

NOTE: All of my games only work on Windows PCs!