Game: “Flip the Bear”

flip blog

Released In: June 2008

Development Time: 2 months (plus a few later updates)

Genre: Puzzle/Platform

Info: You play as Flip, a cute bear with the power to turn gravity upside down! Use that ability to explore 17 puzzling levels, each introducing a new gameplay element. After you beat the game you will unlock a Level Maker in which you can create, play, and share your own levels!

Download: – 5.6 mb

Special Note: For all Flip the Bear veterans: Your savedata from versions 1 or 1.5 (from 2008) will not load in this version, so you might want to keep your old game instead. Sorry about that…


“Although the gravity switching concept has been used many times, you had several creative ideas here…. Nice job.” – IceMetalPunk (on the GMC)

“….this game is amazing overall.” – Bikuta (on the GMC)


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