Game: “”



Released On: June 20, 2009

Development Time: Less than a day

Genre: Platform

Info: Short, surreal platformer about a little robot. Features 20 levels and some retraversal elements at the end. Moderately difficult. Uses Matt Thorson’s “Grandma Engine” for the movement. Made at the very last minute for the Game Jolt “Shocking” contest. The game also participated in a GMC Cage Match and won the first round. I was interviewed by the GMInterviews website (which is no longer online) about the game.

Download: – 4.7 mb

Update Notices: July 27, 2009: Fixed several get-stuck-in-a-wall bugs, made one particularly hard level easier, and fixed a loading error (that only appeared in certain countries).


“The wall outlet idea was good, and boy, some parts were pretty darn tricky! Keep up the good work.” – KniteBlargh (on Game Jolt)

“The gameplay is top-notch and very fun, while the music is fun and fast-paced.” – Obilink (on the GMC)

“I really enjoyed the required quick gameplay and platform dynamics, I had a little dificulty finishing it, but it is a very well built game.” – Squirmonkey (on the GMC)


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