Game: “Psycho”


Released in: Nov. 2008

Development Time: 2 weeks (plus minor updates later on)

Genre: Puzzle/Platform

Info: “Psycho” is a puzzle-platformer that will mess with your mind. 10 levels, a boss level, hidden endings (and beginnings), and more! Just remember, nothing is as it seems…

Download: – 5.2 mb


“….There are twists and turns in here that I think threw everyone for a loop….while at the same time it’s deceptively approachable….I also found it pleasantly devoid of [cruelly difficult] tactics, though this game too, is a thinker at heart. At first glance it may appear as Karoshi Lite, but story defines uniqueness in games today, not gameplay — and I was charmed by the many elements that were incorporated, giving it a life of it’s own…You heard him boys, ditch your ‘big’ games and MAKE something!    VERDICT: 7.5/10 (all-time) ” – thelastdefender (on the GMC)

“This was a very fun game. I must admit Spydog, I doubted this. I would have never guessed the game would be as much fun as it was. (And it was very fun.) Keep up the good work!” – Andy (on the GMC)


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