Game: “Vertiglow”



Released In: August 2009

Development Time: Under a month

Genre: Platform

Info: A gravity-flipping platformer in which gravity flips direction every 5 seconds. Made for the Game Jolt “Axiom” Contest. It is also my best-looking game to date.

Download (8.1 MB):


“Really nice game, and it’s simple too! Lovely effects. Good work!” – coolist (on the GMC)

“Good attempt and an excellent contest game.” – Kayin (on Game Jolt, designer of the very popular game “I Wanna Be the Guy”)

In-Depth Review by angelofsilence:


Work in Progress: “Vertiglow”

Game has been completed! See new blog post!

My entry for the Game Jolt “Axiom” Contest. You play as Beauty itself and you have to find your way into the eye of a beholder. But you have to deal with the fact that beauty can turn the world around — every 5 seconds, gravity will flip 90 degrees clockwise.

To win a level, you have to collect all of the blue squares to activate the goal, then get to the active goal to proceed.

Updates: (they’re coming fast and furious!)

0.55 (8/22/09): New menu and changed some visuals

0.56 (8/22/09): Ability to import your own mp3s, wavs, and wmas for music

0.57 (8/23/09): Ability to specifiy particular levels to play different music files, changed look of countdown timer

Rethinking Axioms

Remember that Axiom Contest game that I said I was working on in the last post? It turns out that that game was really pathetic. So I majorly changed my plan and am working on a new game. The game fits the theme “even a broken clock is right twice a day” and it is currently VERY early on in production. But I have managed to get a tiny little test version up and running. You can check it out at NEW LINK! SEE BELOW! The main gimmick in the game is that every 5 seconds, gravity will rotate 90 degrees clockwise. There is no goal in this version, you just wander around. If you download it, please give me feedback in the form of a comment! Thanks!

EDIT (8/18/09): A new version is up with music, a goal, collectible objects, and a few other upgrades. The new link is here:

EDIT (8/20/09): New verson…again! Awesome new visuals and a different second level. You can find it at!

What’s Coming…

So if you’ve played through my current catalog of games, you might be wondering what I’m working on now. So here it goes:

A Currently Unnamed Game for the Game Jolt Axiom Contest

Like was, this game is made for a contest. The contest theme is “Axioms”, which are basically proverbial truths. (E.g. “a picture is worth a thousand words”, “where there’s smoke, there’s fire”, etc.) The Game Jolt website, the contest host, provided 10 different axioms that participants can use to theme their game, including the two I listed before. However, the axiom I chose to use is “beauty is in the eye of the beholder”. As of the time of this writing, I’m programming the basic elements of the game. I’ll post more about this game later when I’ve got the essentials all figured out and programmed.

Kan U Spellz – An Educational Shoot-em-up

I started work on this game early this year but abandoned it in favor of polishing Psycho2. After I make the Axiom contest game, however, I will continue development with “Kan U Spellz”. Basically, the game is about shooting words. If the word is misspelled, blast it for points! But if the word is spelled correctly, don’t shoot it. A pretty simple concept but fairly challenging in gameplay. The game will boast online highscores, multiple game modes, and lots of other cool stuff!


There are a few other projects that I’m working on, but those are the two big ones. Please look forward to them! 🙂