Rethinking Axioms

Remember that Axiom Contest game that I said I was working on in the last post? It turns out that that game was really pathetic. So I majorly changed my plan and am working on a new game. The game fits the theme “even a broken clock is right twice a day” and it is currently VERY early on in production. But I have managed to get a tiny little test version up and running. You can check it out at NEW LINK! SEE BELOW! The main gimmick in the game is that every 5 seconds, gravity will rotate 90 degrees clockwise. There is no goal in this version, you just wander around. If you download it, please give me feedback in the form of a comment! Thanks!

EDIT (8/18/09): A new version is up with music, a goal, collectible objects, and a few other upgrades. The new link is here:

EDIT (8/20/09): New verson…again! Awesome new visuals and a different second level. You can find it at!


One response to “Rethinking Axioms

  1. The concept/game has very good potential. I think it will do fairly well if it has a good level of difficulty. Anyways good luck in the competition.

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