Blog updates have been slow as of late. It’s mainly because I’m not working on anything. I desperately want to make something but I’ve got no inspiration. 😦 I might make a sequel to an older game or wait until a new Game Jolt contest comes along. I dunno.

So tell me, readers, if I were to make a sequel to one of my games, which would it be?

Flip the Bear,, Vertiglow, Psycho / Psycho2, or Suntime Mirage?

Until next time…



The contest results are in…

…and Vertiglow didn’t place in the top 3. 😦

But on the bright side, the website hosting the contest (Game Jolt) launched a public beta of its advertisement revenue sharing, which means that I am now making money off of the site! So far I have made a grand total of $0.42. I’m aiming for a pack of gum by the end of the year. xD But still, that’s 42 cents I didn’t have before.

I’m indirectly making money off of my free-to-play games…who woulda thunk it?