I Wrote a Short Story

I wrote a short story yesterday for a local Fine Arts student showcase and thought I’d share it with you, my readers. Let’s hope that the judges have a sense of humor. xD

Billy the Narwhal Saves the World from the Evil Weasels from Outer Space

(A very serious story)


Once upon a time, there lived a brave narwhal named Samuel. He, however, is not that important to the story and thus not worth spending time talking about. Readers, the narwhal to focus on in this story is named Billy.

For the uninformed, narwhals are essentially dolphins except that they have long tusks jutting out from their faces. That sounds quite uncomfortable, if one thinks about it.

Narwhals are quite fascinating creatures, potentially more than you may initially think. For instance, an animal you might recognize as a perfectly normal narwhal might actually be a SpyNarwhal, a creature that is trained for carrying out secret government missions. Such is the case with the aforementioned Samuel, but that’s not the case with Billy. He’s as average as a sea animal can get.

One day Billy was out swimming in the ocean, for that is where narwhals typically swim, when he spotted something strange in the sky. It was large and white and moving at a rapid speed. Billy thought to himself, “I must warn the other narwhals in the city of this strange white object in the sky!”

He quickly made his way back to Ciudad de Narval, the ocean city in which he lived. He sped through the underwater streets loudly warning the citizens, “Danger! Danger! There is a white object in the sky! It’s moving fast! Danger!”

Many narwhals were alarmed when they heard his cries and rushed out of their homes. Frantic and confused, they recklessly slashed their tusks, inflicting damage on whatever was around them.

The mayor of the city soon emerged and tried to both calm down the citizens and figure out exactly what was happening. He approached Billy and asked, “What on earth is going on here? I heard you yelling something, and now the whole town is upset!”

Billy replied, “Well, Mister Mayor, while out swimming today I saw this huge white thing in the sky. It was moving fast! It must be dangerous!”

The mayor’s mouth hung open for a moment in astonishment. Dismayed, he said, “You saw a cloud, you buffoon.”

“…Oh, well, I suppose I did. Sorry about that, Mister Mayor,” Billy admitted.

The mayor swam off shaking his head and mumbling to himself angrily. Billy overheard a little bit. “Stupid Billy…a cloud…uproar in the town…where’s Samuel when you need him?”

Billy, who was feeling rather hurt and angry, rushed out of the city as fast as he could go.


A few days prior to the uproar, a spaceship had come down to earth. The ship was piloted by a team of elite space weasels with intentions to take over the world. They decided to set up their covert base of operations in the ocean.

Before they did that, though, they thought it wise to investigate the surroundings and make sure that there weren’t any potential enemies to worry about. They sent out a group of scouts, each member in a scuba suit and in possession of a radio system that provided communication with their leaders. Unfortunately, the squad was never seen again and the last radio transmission sent was quite garbled. All the leaders could decipher was something along the lines of “at…cked…spy…narw…”

The elite alien weasels soon sent out another squad who remained in contact throughout the entirety of their mission. The scouts had been roaming for about an hour when they reported that they saw a creature zooming by them and that it had a long tusk. “Could be dangerous,” they said.

The leaders encouraged the scouts to secretly follow the creature, and they obeyed. The squad was led to what they reported as “an underwater city-like place” where the creature suddenly started making loud noises. Although the scouts couldn’t comprehend what it said (for space weasels aren’t fluent in Narwhalese), they did know that it caused quite a commotion in the city.

From what they deemed to be a safe distance, the alien weasel scouts saw a plethora of tusked creatures swimming around frantically and making a huge ruckus. The scouts also observed that a considerable amount of damage was being done from the creatures slinging or stabbing their tusks into things.

“This is madness…they could really do some damage if they wanted to,” the squad reported.

Then, suddenly, one of the creatures came rushing out of the city. It seemed very angry and was heading straight towards the squad!

The weasel scouts were incredibly frightened and swam as fast as they could back to their ship. The reports came fast and furious.

“Mayday, mayday, they must have seen us! Evacuate!”

“They’re coming straight toward us!”

“I want my mommy!”

The weasels were able to make it to their ship safely. Nonetheless, they were so frightened that when the ship’s captain refused to leave because of their “minor incident with an Earth creature”, they knocked him unconscious and piloted the ship themselves up and out of Earth’s atmosphere, never to return.


And that, dear readers, is how Billy the narwhal indirectly saved the planet from evil weasels from outer space.


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