Game: “Bling”


Released On: December 18, 2009

Development Time: Two days

Genre: Arcade/Shooter

Info: A challenging, minimal-graphics arcade shooter with a unique aiming system. Made for a Shmup (shoot-em-up) contest.


Feedback: None yet.


I’m Not Entering the Ludum Dare…

Okay, my idea from yesterday evening didn’t work out. I’m not entering the Ludum Dare after all. 😦 Oh well.

I have learned quite a bit from this, though, plus I’ve animated a cool player sprite that looks better than any previous computer-drawn graphic I’ve made. Also, working on this little project has gotten me a bit more motivated for game development. So maybe you’ll see some awesome stuff from me soon.

Until I have something to say again…farewell, readers. 🙂

Ludum Dare Progress Report #1

So after a day of designing, what do I have to show for it? Surprisingly little.

I managed to draw and animate a player sprite, and that little feller has been in a bunch of different protoypes today. I didn’t like / couldn’t do any of the gameplay styles I tried out  today…until tonight, when I whipped up a small prototype that might manage to work itself out into a cool game tomorrow. We’ll see.

I’ll post again tomorrow on whether or not this new idea of mine was an epic fail.

And sorry for the lack of screenshots. There just wasn’t anything to really show.

EDIT: There is now.

Not a great shot (reduced a bit for blog layout reasons), but good enough for a demonstration.

Ludum Dare 16

I’m in the process of working on a game for the Ludum Dare 16 contest – theme being “Exploration”. Whether it will get finished or not, it’s still a good opportunity to actually work on something.

As for progress on the game I mentioned in the last blog post… there’s almost none. Ran out of new ideas for it, but I still plan to return to it at some point.

If I get any decent amount of work done on my contest WIP, I’ll post some screenshots later on today.