Twitter and the GPC

Hey everybody, I’m on Twitter now: @TheSpydog Follow me, if ya want to. If not, I’m okay with that.

I added two new pages to my blog – a “Contests Entered” page and a “Features and Interviews” page. If you’re interested in seeing my game design accomplishments (and several contest-related failures), check out those pages.

I haven’t been working on anything lately so I haven’t blogged any. However, next week I’m gonna try to participate in the 5th Game Prototype Challenge, which is a sort of rapid-prototyping game jam. (To quote the GPC website: “GamePrototypeChallenge is a spur-of-the-moment motivator for making games. Check the themes, check the date, and make the game!”) Sounds like fun to me! 🙂

Oh, one more thing – five years ago today (on April 16th of 2006) I released my first finished game to a couple of friends at church. Wow, time flies.