Spydog = Me = Who?

Hello everyone! Before anything else, I wanted to tell you a little bit about who I am.

I am a teenage indie game designer (and author) from the USA. I have been homeschooled all of my life in a good Christian home. I really believe that God has blessed me with a creative mind and I hope that shines through in my work.

So far I have┬ámade 15 full games. I’m planning to┬ámake a lot more, though!

Every game that I’ve made so far was designed with the Game Maker software. I’ve been working with it since late 2005 and I completed my first full game (“Snackman”) in April 2006. Over the years, I’ve learned several tricks of the trade so my newer products are a lot better!

Well, that concludes my introduction. I hope you keep reading my blog. I’ll update it with game news, game design tips, and occasionally just some random musings. Hope you like it!

NOTE: All of my games only work on Windows PCs!