Work in Progress: “Vertiglow”

Game has been completed! See new blog post!

My entry for the Game Jolt “Axiom” Contest. You play as Beauty itself and you have to find your way into the eye of a beholder. But you have to deal with the fact that beauty can turn the world around — every 5 seconds, gravity will flip 90 degrees clockwise.

To win a level, you have to collect all of the blue squares to activate the goal, then get to the active goal to proceed.

Updates: (they’re coming fast and furious!)

0.55 (8/22/09): New menu and changed some visuals

0.56 (8/22/09): Ability to import your own mp3s, wavs, and wmas for music

0.57 (8/23/09): Ability to specifiy particular levels to play different music files, changed look of countdown timer