Game: “Monica”

Released On: February 14, 2011

Development Time: About 15 hours (started work on the afternoon of Feb. 13th and stayed up all night to finish it)

Genre: Platform

Info: A casual gravity-flipping platformer – the goal is to paint all the blocks in each level by stepping on them. Doesn’t sound too hard, right? But when you add in spikes, trampolines, and disappearing blocks it becomes quite a challenge. Play as an imaginary friend invented by a little girl on a quest to color everything pink. Features 20 levels and an unlockable bonus mode. Sequel to “How”. Made for the Game Jolt “Invention” Contest.

Download on Game Jolt

Download on YoYo Games

Contest Results: Monica placed 3rd in the contest and was featured on the front page of the Game Jolt website!


Game: “How”

Released On: December 11, 2010

Development Time: About four weeks

Genre: Platform

Info: A minimalistic platformer. The goal of the game is to paint all the blocks in the room by stepping on them. You can’t jump – instead, you have to flip gravity upside-down with the spacebar. Features a Level Editor and a Playlist system which allows you to compile a set of custom levels to send to friends.  Made for Jolt Kombat in competition against WITS. (I lost the match, in case anyone was wondering.) Music by Blok Studios.

Download Link:

YoYo Games Instant Play Link:

“Cool! A bit simple, still great. It kept me entertained for quite a long time.” – mindstormsgek (on YYG)

“A nifty little puzzle platformer. I love it!” – Shelby (on Game Jolt)

Featured on Jay Is Games Weekend Download:

The contest results are in…

…and Vertiglow didn’t place in the top 3. 😦

But on the bright side, the website hosting the contest (Game Jolt) launched a public beta of its advertisement revenue sharing, which means that I am now making money off of the site! So far I have made a grand total of $0.42. I’m aiming for a pack of gum by the end of the year. xD But still, that’s 42 cents I didn’t have before.

I’m indirectly making money off of my free-to-play games…who woulda thunk it?

What’s Coming…

So if you’ve played through my current catalog of games, you might be wondering what I’m working on now. So here it goes:

A Currently Unnamed Game for the Game Jolt Axiom Contest

Like was, this game is made for a contest. The contest theme is “Axioms”, which are basically proverbial truths. (E.g. “a picture is worth a thousand words”, “where there’s smoke, there’s fire”, etc.) The Game Jolt website, the contest host, provided 10 different axioms that participants can use to theme their game, including the two I listed before. However, the axiom I chose to use is “beauty is in the eye of the beholder”. As of the time of this writing, I’m programming the basic elements of the game. I’ll post more about this game later when I’ve got the essentials all figured out and programmed.

Kan U Spellz – An Educational Shoot-em-up

I started work on this game early this year but abandoned it in favor of polishing Psycho2. After I make the Axiom contest game, however, I will continue development with “Kan U Spellz”. Basically, the game is about shooting words. If the word is misspelled, blast it for points! But if the word is spelled correctly, don’t shoot it. A pretty simple concept but fairly challenging in gameplay. The game will boast online highscores, multiple game modes, and lots of other cool stuff!


There are a few other projects that I’m working on, but those are the two big ones. Please look forward to them! 🙂

Game: “”



Released On: June 20, 2009

Development Time: Less than a day

Genre: Platform

Info: Short, surreal platformer about a little robot. Features 20 levels and some retraversal elements at the end. Moderately difficult. Uses Matt Thorson’s “Grandma Engine” for the movement. Made at the very last minute for the Game Jolt “Shocking” contest. The game also participated in a GMC Cage Match and won the first round. I was interviewed by the GMInterviews website (which is no longer online) about the game.

Download: – 4.7 mb

Update Notices: July 27, 2009: Fixed several get-stuck-in-a-wall bugs, made one particularly hard level easier, and fixed a loading error (that only appeared in certain countries).


“The wall outlet idea was good, and boy, some parts were pretty darn tricky! Keep up the good work.” – KniteBlargh (on Game Jolt)

“The gameplay is top-notch and very fun, while the music is fun and fast-paced.” – Obilink (on the GMC)

“I really enjoyed the required quick gameplay and platform dynamics, I had a little dificulty finishing it, but it is a very well built game.” – Squirmonkey (on the GMC)