Game: “Monica”

Released On: February 14, 2011

Development Time: About 15 hours (started work on the afternoon of Feb. 13th and stayed up all night to finish it)

Genre: Platform

Info: A casual gravity-flipping platformer – the goal is to paint all the blocks in each level by stepping on them. Doesn’t sound too hard, right? But when you add in spikes, trampolines, and disappearing blocks it becomes quite a challenge. Play as an imaginary friend invented by a little girl on a quest to color everything pink. Features 20 levels and an unlockable bonus mode. Sequel to “How”. Made for the Game Jolt “Invention” Contest.

Download on Game Jolt

Download on YoYo Games

Contest Results: Monica placed 3rd in the contest and was featured on the front page of the Game Jolt website!


Game: “Psycho2”



Released On: July 5, 2009

Development Time: 6 months

Genre: Puzzle/Platform

Info: A very strange and very random puzzle-platform game. Features over 15 levels, a level editor with a very robust set of features, fun bonus modes, a cool boss stage, and much more! The game is bigger and better than the first Psycho in every way, including much longer gameplay length and improved graphics.

Download: – 15.1 mb

Update Notices: July 27, 2009: Fixed a loading bug that only affected certain countries.


“Very cute. had a good time with it.” – Kayin (on Game Jolt, designer of the very popular game “I Wanna Be the Guy”)

“Nice game. Had a lot of good puzzles in it (my favorite being “This Hurts”; that was ingenious), with a style I’ve seen lacking in a lot of psycho-platformers.” – Snail (on Game Jolt)

“Very interesting: enjoyable idea, spot on execution.” – bicilotti (on Game Jolt)

“Great game, I enjoyed the original experience. The game has a nice length – perfect for its targeted style. The graphics have also improved since the first game.” – Andy (on YoYo Games)